Our Mission

Brochure photo

Welcome to Live Again Ministries. Our mission is to travel around the block and around the world to present the Good News and restore dignity and hope to those in spiritual and material poverty.

Our focus for the next few years will be in three primary areas:
1. Clean water projects in Third World countries mainly in Roatan, Honduras and other “spin-off” projects which include feeding programs, educational assistance, a program for the elderly, other.

2. Operate TRIBE (Teaching Relationships IBehavior and Education) an after-school program for teens who need a little help and hope  in western Stanly County, North Carolina

3. Provide assistance to those in homeless situations and in the throes of addiction.

The G.R.A.C.E. Plan

  • GOING—anywhere in the world to join the Heavenly Father in His ministry of reconciliation through Jesus Christ.
  • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING—Building strong relationships with people as we join them on their spiritual journey to become servant leaders with Jesus as their model. 
  • ASSISTING—giving assistance to those in spiritual and material poverty. 
  • CARING—Providing compassionate care for the sick and broken. 
  • EDUCATING—Providing educational opportunities to help people climb out of spiritual and material poverty. 

Around the block and around the world…